About Us

Welcome to The Order of Initiative website.
We are a small online business currently in a state of change, the products here will be changing over the coming months with the Nemesis Now and Alchemy Gothic ranges being cleared out to allow us to concentrate on the role playing game accessories range we are building up via Kickstarter.
Still on the eBay store are a range of out of production miniatures for Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars and Axis and Allies miniatures games, these will start to move here over time.
The business has been running for something like 14 years now, starting out on ebay selling D&D miniatures then steadily growing with the range including everything you see now as well as Gothic and medieval style clothing, I moved off eBay onto an online store that never really took off so the last few years have been back on ebay. The decision has been made to sell as much stock as possible off and concentrate on a new range of gaming accessories designed by myself and friends, these will initially be launched through Kickstarter campaigns.