About Us

The Order of Initiative is a small family business, we started out selling Dungeons and Dragons miniatures on Ebay but quickly expanded to include the other Wizards of the Coast collectable, prepainted minis for Star Wars and Axis and Allies games. Other ranges got added in more from my own personal interests than an extension of the gaming products so we see Alchemy Gothic jewellery and T-shirts and Nemesis Now gothic ornaments in the range, there some other bits and pieces that I still have stocks off that will go on over time including some lovely celtic designed jewellery.
In more recent times we are trying to move away from Ebay and onto this new store and have also used Kickstarter to get a new range of gaming accessories off the ground, the range branded Treasure Trove currently includes cut glass gemstones and drawstring bags to allow GM's to hand out real treasure to their players and enhance the gaming experience, hopefully we can ran more Kickstarter campaigns to bring more gems, magical gems and coins to the range.
The business is run by myself Paul with help from my kids who are now indoctrinated into D&D.